Rotary Clubs all around the world support the younger generations in many ways and the Rotary Club of Mount Martha in particular has been involved in many such projects including:
Mornington Park Primary School:- 
Funds are provided to support the provision of breakfast and  lunches for children arriving at school without having eaten to ensure they are capable of learning. 
Projects have also been undertaken to improve the grounds around the school and maintenance of some of the external structures and furniture. Students have been encouraged to assist with planting programs.   
Citizenship Award - Mornington Secondary College. Each year the club makes a presentation to a student from the Mornington Secondary College who has been identified by the school who has fulfilled the role of a good citizen.                   

Mornington Secondary College Chaplaincy: - The majority of school chaplains are employed by Access an inter-church group , accredited by the state government which has been operating in Victoria for over 50 years. Chaplains are highly qualified. Friendship and counselling in the context of school pressures, home conflict, grief situations and bullying are increasingly common. Approximately 30% of funding comes from Federal and State governments. The rest is raised by the local community groups, churches & businesses.
Mornington Secondary College Breakfasts: - Funds are provided to assist with the provision of breakfasts for students who arrive at school without having had breakfast prior.
Primary School Art Exhibition -
promoted within 4 local Primary Schools and displayed at Benton’s Square Shopping Centre each year    
School leavers job interview rehearsals: - For the benefit of students completing their studies and preparing to enter the workforce. These rehearsals are conducted by Rotary members with co-operation of the teachers and staff. These rehearsals take the form of an interview, assessment and a review with students to acquaint them with the skills, strategies and pitfalls in conducting themselves in a real job interview.