Protection of native bushland - Working with BERG (Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group) to protect and regenerate native bushland along the coast and in the Estuary at Mt Martha
Bird Hide Construction Balcombe Creek Estuary:
In conjunction with BERG, constructed a facility for birdwatchers to view the extensive bird life on the Estuary year round.
Environment Week at the Briars - assisting local schools participating in the programs of the Environment Week program at the Briars.

The Briars - Nepean Highway Mt Martha - Members volunteered on the construction of the vermin (fox & rabbit) proof fence around the Briars Sanctuary  - 5 km of new wire netting fence and as a skirt on the existing fence.
Tree Planting at the Briars -
with the local primary school - preps, teachers & parents, planted out selected sections of the Briars with indigenous trees and plants. Pupils had their name written on a plastic card which was tied to each of the plants. Opportunity in future years to walk through the area and identify plants that they individually planted. 
Board Walk Construction Balcombe Creek - Over many years the club members constructed the    boardwalk along the Balcombe Creek between the Beach and the Nepean Highway was constructed by club members and has been awarded fo