Sigiri is a village of about 1,500 people at stands 45 minutes’ drive from Mt Hagen, PNG. The village has no running water, and the women and children must walk over one kilometre and return with water in buckets, there are several structures in the village with metal roofs but no guttering or means to capture water. The project was initiated through Rotary Australia World Community Service to assist with funding of the project. Funds were received from Rotary Club of Mount Martha, Rotary Club of Warrnambool, Dragon Boats Australia, and individual donations.
The Sigri Team and community are working hard to complete the water project. Women and children are also helping out each day. Although there is a lack of cement mixer/ wheelbarrow and other necessary tools for the job in the village, it has not prevented them from working hard and achieving the goal.
Great news for the water project is that the local council leader is in the process of obtaining an additional 9500L water tank for the village. The village will now have a total of 38,000L storage capacity.  
Two water tanks have been positioned on slabs, plumbed and approximately 250m distance dug out for pipe placement 
One tap at building one is fully operating. It rained few days ago and people living near building one have started to drink out of it for the first time. It was pure joy for the villagers. Collecting water with a cup to drink straight out of the tap was very special for them.